portal 2 review – my favorite game when I was young

The first version of the portal was full of surprise.It’s the first person puzzle game style was unique .The murderous robotic villain in the match known as GLados was vibrant and very evil but in a very charming manner.The funny songs and cake jokes about surviving dismemberment were very hilarious.The transformation that this game has gone through is unmatched.The production of the new and exciting portal two has brought change to fans in the gaming sector.portal-2-great-game

portal 2 insane game and fun

The character development in the new portal 2 is surprising, the story development is thicker, and the world appears even bigger.The facility operator, mania,glados is molded into further unexpected forms and is alongside a large host of even funnier personalities.Aperture science facility’s history is full of character origins and though its pacing suffers, as it strikes an even more serious tone.The increased abundance of cruel jokes in the game and the cheerful, sincere death threats ensures that this new game does not lose it sarcasm.Any time that you are not looking at your screen with sensitive and annoyed eyes make sure that you try to figure out a puzzle, and I very well assure you that you will be laughing.

You will be playing as Chell, who is dragged back to aperture just after the events and happenings of the first game.You will soon meet a spherical robot that is voiced by Stephen Merchant -who plays extra in the Ricky Gervais show.The robot is referred to as Wheatley.Wheatley will help you in the very early stages of the game.You will be surprised to find out that no word that Wheatley speaks that is without witty inflection.During Glados and Wheatley verbal matches it is easy to be concerned about the missing lines of dialogue about the progress of the discussion.speedy-man

really nice action

The attention that the player has through the game is stunning.The facility is in a poor state, such that it cannot be repaired.Just as GLados gets into action, so does the installation, It becomes an extension of GLados personality and body.As Portal 2 continues to expand so does, its environment features in the game.The situation changes from claustrophobic state to overwhelmingly yawning charms that are underground.The breaking of the metal girders and structural supports crashing on one another is an extreme marvel consistently serving not only to support the eye but also to expand the understand of the player in the game characters.The primary appeal of Portal 2 is not its visuals, but it is very impressive how much Valve is getting from its software technology in the game.Therefore I would urge those that have not tried the game to check it out and enjoy gaming.